Gardens and Premises

Un peu, beaucoup…” stays in line with all modern trends.

Our tree nursery and our vegetable garden are a prized laboratory for all of our research. We constantly discover hidden sides of nature and recreate new forms, never against the spirit of nature but honoring it. For us it is important that nature remain pure wherever and whenever a creator intervenes bringing his own style. Our team provides the maintenance of your garden as well as its creation. We take on projects of city gardens as well as countryside ones.
In case you are interested in precise garden decorations we offer several themes: vegetable garden, Zen, French garden, English garden.

We also provide maintenance of green spaces from interior to exterior on properties.
This implies several aspects like sizing, watering, weeding, sowing, pruning, mowing, etc. We respect each moment of the natural calendar taking into consideration nature’s own rhythm. Each space is created in order to comply with the desires of the owner, their typology or their sensitivity. We create sceneries in perfect harmony with your home and strive to maintain this balance throughout all seasons of the year.